From Gran Canaria to UAE Tour

After a good training period enjoying the mild temperatures at Gran Canaria, Manuele Boaro is ready for the next race: the UAE Tour.

“In this period of the year the Canary islands are the best place for training” – the athlete of Astana Pro Team comments on his coming back home after about to weeks spent training to refine his preparation – “After the races in Australia, once at home it was snowy and very cold. Then I’m very happy that I could train very well, not only due to the climate. On Gran Canaria there are challenging climbs and in 12 days total, I rode 1300km with 23500 meters altitude”.

After few days at home with his family, Manuele is packing again. A new race awaits him, the UAE Tour, born after that the Abu Dhabi Tour and Dubai Tour have been merged. It will run from Sunday, 24th February to Saturday, 2nd March.

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